Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro: A Journey into Spatial Computing

 Where today we will be diving into the exciting world of Apple’s latest innovation, the Apple Vision Pro. In this blog, we will take you through the unboxing experience of this groundbreaking headset, explore its features and accessories, and discuss its potential applications. So let’s get started!

Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro Experience

The Apple Vision Pro comes in a large box, hinting at the exciting contents inside. Upon opening the box, we are greeted with a soft and visually appealing packaging. Inside, we find three main items: the Vision Pro headset, the Vision Pro Zeiss lenses, and an optional Vision Pro Travel Case.

Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro Headset

The headset itself is surprisingly compact, especially considering its advanced technology. It comes with a protective cover and is dressed up with a soft, stretchy fabric band known as the Solo Knit Band. This band is comfortable and can be easily adjusted to fit different head sizes.

The Vision Pro Zeiss Lenses

For users who wear glasses or require a prescription, the Vision Pro includes Zeiss lenses. These optical inserts are magnetically attachable and ensure that individuals with vision correction needs can still enjoy the headset.

The Vision Pro Travel Case

The optional Vision Pro Travel Case is more than just a case; it is a protective outer layer for the headset. The case features a convenient handle and compartments for storing accessories such as the battery, cable, polishing cloth, power brick, and USB-C charging cable. It is a well-thought-out addition for those who plan to take their Vision Pro on the go.

The Setup Process

Once the unboxing is complete, the setup process begins. Users will need to connect their iPhone to the Vision Pro using Face ID sensors to customize the fit and ensure optimal performance. A Light Seal Cushion is provided, available in both thin and thick options, to further personalize the experience.

Accessories and Features

The Apple Vision Pro includes several accessories that enhance the overall user experience. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Polishing Cloth

The Vision Pro comes with a high-quality microfiber polishing cloth. This cloth is specifically designed for cleaning the glass front of the headset and maintaining its pristine condition.

Activated Carbon Deodorizer

Included in the accessory pouch is an activated carbon deodorizer, which helps to eliminate any unwanted odors that may accumulate over time. This small addition ensures that your Vision Pro remains fresh and pleasant to use.

Dual Loop Band

In addition to the Solo Knit Band, the Vision Pro also includes the Dual Loop Band. This band wraps not only around the back of the head but also over the top, providing another level of comfort and weight distribution. Users can choose between the bands based on their preference and head size.

Battery and Charging Options

The Vision Pro comes with a 2.5 to 3-hour battery, providing ample usage time. To charge the battery or extend its usage, a USB-C cable and a 30-watt wall brick are included. While the charging speed may not be ultra-fast, it is sufficient for most users’ needs.


The Apple Vision Pro is an exciting leap into the world of spatial computing. Its compact size, comfortable bands, and customizable fit make it an appealing choice for users looking to immerse themselves in augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

With its Zeiss lenses and thoughtful accessories, Apple has created a comprehensive package that caters to a wide range of users. We hope you enjoyed this blog post, which provided an in-depth look at the unboxing experience and accessories of the Apple Vision Pro. Stay tuned for future videos and articles as we explore the capabilities and applications of this groundbreaking headset. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date with the latest content.


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