The Impact of Technology on Our Lives

The Impact of Technology on Our Lives

Sometimes you read in the newspapers that computers are making us stupid, or the internet, or Google. It’s a little bit like blaming cars for us being fat. Yes, of course, if you don’t walk and always take the car to go buy milk, that’s not good. However, who wants to live without cars? Cars make our lives faster, save time, and allow us to do other things. The same can be said for computers.

Technology and Our Lives

People often claim that technol0gy is ruining our lives. Since the speaker turned off their BlackBerry, they have been hoping it’s okay. The mistake people make is thinking that technol0gy is deterministic. They believe that once we have the techn0logy, we are stuck with it, and it will consume all our time. However, it’s not the technology itself that’s the issue, it’s how we use it that matters.

The Impact of Technology on Our Lives

The Relationship Between Humans and Machines

When computers were first introduced into the world, they were meant to save time for other things. If they end up consuming all our time, that’s not beneficial. However, if we can use them to save time for other activities, then it’s the kind of techn0logy worth having. The speaker mentions a dualism between us and techn0logy, but in reality, there is a close loop between humans and machines.

Modifying Technol0gy for the Better

The speaker brings up the question of how we can modify technology or create devices that maximize our ability to not be consumed by computers. They emphasize the need for technol0gy to understand where we are coming from and enhance our interactions. It’s important to design techn0logy that respects people and helps them achieve their goals.

Building Technology for Human Benefit

Instead of creating artificial intelligences that surpass and dominate us, there has been a shift towards building technol0gy that helps us learn more about ourselves and be more effective at our goals. The goal is not to build the smartest machine that controls us but to create tools that augment our capabilities and illuminate our understanding of ourselves.

The Future of Technol0gy

Technology has the potential to empower us and give us more control over our lives. By understanding ourselves better through the use of technology, we can make informed choices and explore new possibilities. It’s not about building machines that rule over us but about creating tools that enhance our humanity.


In conclusion, the impact of techn0logy on our lives is not predetermined. It’s up to us how we choose to use and design technology. By building tools that respect people, enhance our capabilities, and help us learn more about ourselves, we can create a future where technol0gy serves us rather than dominates us.


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